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Covered Hopper Cars

Tank Cars

Pressure Differential Covered Hopper Cars

Suitable for the transport of grains, processed grain co-products, cement, sand, roofing granules, fertilizers, dry chemicals and minerals.A variety of general-purpose tank cars for the transport of liquid commodities or solids liquefied prior to unloading. Our tank cars are equipped with coils and insulation to assist the unloading process, and can be lined for protection of the tank shell or product purity.Suitable for dry bulk product transport. It provides closed loop air assisted unloading when gravity is not enough and/ or where product exposure to an open unloading system is not wanted. Flour, starch, clay, talc, lime, dry chemicals and minerals are commonly transported in these cars.

Open Top Hopper Cars

Flat Cars

Mill Gondola Cars

These are rugged small and large cubic foot open top hopper railcars. Our small cubic foot aggregate hopper cars are designed to transport industrial minerals, crushed rock, ballast, gravel and sand products. Large cubic foot cars can accommodate light density products such as woodchips, light weight scrap metal, municipal waste and construction/demolition debris.Forestry products (e.g. logs, lumber), pipes, flat steel and a variety of construction and general merchandise products are commonly transported in these cars.Versatile gondola railcars can be configured to transport scrap metals, steel ingots, sheet steel, pipes and other metal products.