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Chicago Freight Car Leasing Team Member Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy


email: jim.kennedy@crdx.com

tel: 847-384-4441

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Team Member Scott Baker

Scott Baker


email: scott.baker@crdx.com

tel: 847-384-4438

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Team Member Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly


email: mike.kelly@crdx.com

tel: 708-476-5086

A 90-year track record of success.

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company’s roots date back to 1928, when an entrepreneur named Fred H. Sasser started a business in Chicago. It was called Central West Refrigerator Despatch and provided railcar service to farms along the Illinois Northern Railway. Central West Refrigerator Despatch grew and Fred’s son Robert helped expand the business after returning from WWII, rebranding it to Chicago Freight Car Leasing. Today, Chicago Freight Car Leasing is a core business in the Sasser family of companies. As Sasser has grown, the high-touch, personal service that Fred exemplified remains an essential part of Chicago Freight Car Leasing. The commitment to being there for our customers and the values that personified our business back then continue today. Together, with Sasser, we can dream bigger, do better, and help our customers realize more opportunities now and into the future.

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Meet Our Partners

The opportunity to be a part of Sasser has given us access to learnings, advancements, and resources that help us serve you and your business better. The Sasser family values are simple: respect, integrity, continuous improvement, and a commitment to putting our customers first. It's just how we work.

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Our Focus

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What We Do: Assets

We are a group of companies specializing in transportaion asset leasing services and management.

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How We Do It: People

We unleash the power of family by bringing our extended family values to work every day.

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Why We Matter: Stewardship

Our commitment to stewardship enriches the lives around us.

Our Vision

We are driven by stewardship and a legacy of family to deliver innovations that help businesses succeed to create a more connected world. 

Our Mission

Since 1928, we've left our mark on rail, automotive, and aviation by providing a customer-focused, end-to-end experience that drives results.

Our Values

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Uncompromising Integrity

We show respect, hold ourselves accountable and say what we mean everywhere, every time.

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Remarkable Customer Service

It’s what we really sell, and it’s the key to creating long-term partnerships.

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High-Performing Teams

We succeed or fail together. We put team before self, results before ego.

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Relentless Improvement

We act in small moments with discipline to push for incremental gains. We take risks in big moments to achieve quantum returns.

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