Why Chicago Freight Car Leasing Railcars?

We know how important it is to have high-quality, well-maintained railcars. We also know it takes more than quality railcars to keep your business ahead of the game. At Chicago Freight Car Leasing, we never stop working to keep you running.

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Experience & Expertise

Our team members have an average of 16+ years in the industry. Many of them are nationally recognized for their industry-leading expertise.

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Personal Touch

We have built our success on developing long-term, highly personal relationships with our customers. We’re here for the long run.

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Quality Counts

The quality of our maintenance program is unlike any other. Regular care, ranking and scorecards, and painting ensure reliability and cost efficiency.

What are you carrying?

Covered Hopper Car

Covered Hopper Cars

Suitable for the transport of grains, processed grain co-products, cement, sand, roofing granules, fertilizers, dry chemicals, and minerals.

Tank Car

Tank Cars

A variety of general purpose and specialty tank cars – some equipped with coils and insulation to assist in unloading where required. Can also be lined for added protection.

Pressure Differential Covered Hopper Car

Pressure Differential Covered Hopper Cars

Provides closed-loop air assisted unloading when gravity is not sufficient or when product must avoid the exposure of an open unloaded system.

Flat Car

Flat Car

Forestry products (e.g. logs, lumber), pipes, flat steel, and a variety of construction and general merchandise products are commonly transported in these cars.

Mill Gondola Car

Mill Gondola Car

Versatile and extremely adaptable, these gondola railcars can be configured to transport many different products.

Open Top Hopper Car

Open Top Hopper Cars

These small and large cubic foot open-top hopper railcars are versatile enough to handle industrial materials or lightweight products.

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